The Festival

Baalbeck’s International Short Film Festival (BISFF) is the first film festival organized in the city of Baalbeck, Lebanon.

BISFF has five main objectives:

  1. Promote Baalbeck’s role and place in the cultural and artistic scenes.
  2. Shed lights on the work of young filmmakers from across the globe.
  3. Acknowledge and promote young Lebanese filmmakers.
  4. Advocate for the support of short and independent film productions.
  5. Mainstream the role of Film-making in influencing social and humanitarian contexts.

The First Edition

The first edition of the BISFF was border-less and open to creativity. It was made possible with great submissions of filmmakers from different backgrounds and nationalities. The result was an incredible program of film screenings, director talks, workshops, and exhibitions, free and open to the public.

The magnificent temples of Baalbeck.