The Jury

Hady Zaccak, Indepedent Lebanese Filmmaker

Hady Zaccak is a Lebanese award-winning filmmaker and a professor at IESAV film school (Saint-Joseph University/Beirut)
He is the author of more than 20 documentaries. His selective filmography includes: “104 wrinkles” (2017), “Kamal Joumblatt, Witness and Martyr” (2015), “Marcedes” (2011), “A History Lesson” (2009), “The war of peace” (2007), “Refugees for life” (2006)…

Bissane Tay, Lebanese Journalist/Researcher

Bisan Tay, is a journalist and documentary filmmaker who has studied journalism at the university of Lebanon in Beirut. She majored in documentary filmmaking at the University of Saint Joseph where she also obtained a Masters in theater studies from. She’s now preparing her for her PhD in theater in the Eighth Paris university. Over the years, she has worked in the biggest Lebanese and Arab newspapers, in addition to having produced numerous documentary films that have been screened in international and Arab film festivals. She has also produced films that Specialize in sociology history and the art of Arabic storytelling, that were showcased on French, American and Arab TV channels.