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BISFF is only made possible with the hard work of an incredible team of professionals who accepted the challenges and excitement of volunteering because they believe in the importance of conveying a positive image of Baalbeck and opening for its youth new horizons through cinema.

BISFF is also the fruitful result of the cooperation of volunteers coming from around Lebanon, and of dear friends who believed in us and wished to remain as hidden soldiers.

Mae Abdel Sater, the woman behind it all

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Blogger, Cultural geek (Food Lover). A Baalbecki with Beirut at heart. A graduate of Theatrical Cinematographic and Audiovisual Studies, she manifests “Beirut & Baalbeck” as the main inspiration to her canvas. Her faith in the power of cinema, as an important social tool, that makes a difference in small communities , what made her start working on BISFF.

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Maher Berro, our web guru

Call him a web geek… with a multi-disciplinary design background, Maher focuses on web design and multimedia where he strives to implement and communicate professional web standards. Having a solid experience in a proficient team environment, with competence, high standards and dedication to apply best practices, usability, accessibility, interaction design, user centered design and create unique user experiences within an innovative and creative context in an ever evolving web, agile and e-business environments.


Farah Abdel Sater, our communi-ty-cator

Farah Abdul Sater is a media and communication specialist, who’s currently working at the World Bank office in Marseille, France as a communication consultant for the Mediterranean region. She previously worked in Lebanon and the MENA region under the umbrella of the United Nations Population Fund, the International Labour Organization, the Arab League, the United Nations Youth Association and Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. Farah has also been published in local and regional media outlets (Al Arabiya English, Assafir, Your Middle East, Tactical Tech, Common Ground News etc.)

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Miriam Rehaoui, Our language consultant

A Lebanese Beiruti translator, who has graduated from the Lebanese University in 2008, holding a Master’s degree in languages and translation. She has been serving as a translator and communication assistant in several international organizations contributing in peace making and migration advocacy. Through the last years, Miriam dedicated her knowledge to shape the minds of little learners in different learning institutions. She is also a home-based translator, blogger and writer.

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Diana Rabie, Our Co-language pilot

A Palestinian-Jordanian-American radical womanist, whose work in education, Human Rights advocacy, social justice activism, Media, gender and postcolonial studies impassioned her to seek women’s empowerment and to work on orphans and abandoned children rights.

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Nadine Arafat, Our Legal Advisor

An Attorney at law member of the Beirut Bar Association since 2008. In addition to her extensive expertise in Business Law, she has been working closely with several NGOs in Lebanon and France to defend victims of civil discrimination, hatred and mistreatment. In this perspective she produced a documentary in 2013 on modern slavery in France. Nadine has also been published several articles in local and regional newspapers ( Al Joumhouria, Postaji, Liberté etc.) Her moto is “every problem has a solution” which she applies daily give the strong sense of communication and apprehension she has allowing Nadine to assess every situation in order to find the adequate solution for each problem.

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